Healthcare and Wearable Robotics

The Healthcare and Wearable Robotics group at the University of Portsmouth focuses on the following research areas:


  • Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
  • Multimodal Human Motion Analysis
  • Humanoid Robot Motion Learning and Planning
  • Intelligent Human-Robot/Computer Interaction
  • Healthcare and Wearable Robotics



We are alos running a robotics club to provide Portsmouth undergraduates with not only the opportunity to participate in exciting and educational robotics projects but also to build a warm and accomplished community of engineers together. PRC robotics projects are not only for fun and games, we intend to win serious RoboCup competitions. Through the projects and competitions, members get a chance to make a significant impact on a complex, multidisciplinary and multi-member engineering project. As a member, you would gain experience in machine learning, computer vision, robotics control etc.. We can provide you with the Nao robot, the sawyer robot and many more. Please feel free to ask and join us to experience an exciting campus life.

We welcome you to join the robotics team

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